Monday, May 19, 2014

27. Daniel 1:8 Resolves not to defile himself Part 3

Time:  605 BC
Place:  King's Court
Scripture:  Daniel 1:8

Daniel 1:8  -  Daniel 'resolved' that  he would 'not defile himself' with the King's food or with the wine that he drank.  Therefore he asked the chief of the eunuchs to allow him 'not to defile himself.'

"Not to defile oneself" means "to live a holy life."  It is 2 sides of the same coin.

Daniel resolves to  live a "holy life"

We must commit to live a life of  holiness.  Daniel has the spiritual insight to see through the cunning of the enemy and the world's temptation to stray him from living a holy life, thus there must be this commitment - to live a life of purity.

Remember Daniel is a growing youth.  It is especially needful for youths today to keep themselves pure.  Our beloved young people, have you made a commitment to live a life of purity?

Today, make this decision to live a life of purity like Daniel! :)

God calls us to live a holy life and to be "
saints of the Most High" in this world.

  • "saints of the Most High" is a peculiar phrase in Daniel
  • "saints of the Most High" - 4 X (Dan 7:18,22, 25, 27)

As you can see, there is this overall theme in Daniel - to be saints of the Most High.  Saints in the Bible means 'the holy ones.'  Our calling as Christians are to be saints of the Most High.

Dan 7:25 mentions that Satan shall wear out the 'saints of the Most High".  While Satan sometimes attacks suddenly, often times his attacks are gradual and slow.  He wants to work on you to wear you out slowly until you are so worn out completely over an extended period of time.  Why? To get you to throw in the towel and give up!

Holiness does not come about by chance. It is fought with many long spiritual battles.  We must fight them with purpose.  You must be on guard.  You must fight with fear and trembling.  You must fight against the downward pull of Satan to knock you out.  Battles will come one after another to tire you out, to wear you out.  Holiness renews your spiritual life with strength and power!

My beloved ones, let us  be careful and  hold fast to God's calling of a "holy life", to be worthy to be "saints of the Most High" in these last days.  

God is raising up "Daniels' in these last days!  Will you be a Daniel?


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