Sunday, May 11, 2014

19. The Twelve Chapters of Daniel

Time:  605 BC - 536 BC
Place:  Babylon
Scripture: Daniel - 12 Chapters

As we study the book of Daniel, you will discover that the Book of Daniel is not written in chronological order.  The structure of the book is not designed to read from the chronological order of events taking place.

Daniel was writing to the people in his time so the people knew the times of events taking place so it is easy for them to absorb the content in the book of Daniel by jumping back and forth as Daniel related different events to them.

Daniel's book also has a prophetic element to our times.  So, for us later people who desire to understand the spiritual significance of the historical events taking place "in context", we need to work out the 'chronological order' of the Book of Daniel.   Only in this way will we be able to draw out spiritual principles taking place in their times so as to apply to our times.

The chronological order  in the Book of Daniel:

605 BC - Chapter 1
603 BC - Chapter 2
580 BC - Chapter 3
570 BC - Chapter 4
553 BC - Chapter 7
551 BC - Chapter 8
539 BC - Chapter 5
539 BC - Chapter 9
538 BC - Chapter 6
536 BC - Chapter 10, 11, 12

We will proceed our study in the above chronological order.
Today, we will begin with Daniel Chapter 1. :)

Take out your Timeline Graph and put in "1" for Daniel Chapter 1.

Read Daniel Chapter 1 in your devotion today! :)


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