Wednesday, April 9, 2014

1. The Four Kings in Daniel's Time

We will proceed the study of Daniel in an interactive workshop format.  Instead of just passively reading, you are going to "think" through this timeline graph as we work on this worksheet together.

First, look at the four color strips with a Letter in each one of them:

The Purple strip:  N
The Green strip: B
The Brown strip: D
The Turquoise strip: C

These Letters signify the beginning letter of the 4 Kings reigning during Daniel's time.

Each letter is the beginning letter of the name of the 4 Kings.

Find out who these Kings are in the following passages:

Daniel 1:1 
Daniel 5:1
Daniel 9:1
Daniel 10:1

This tells us that Daniel lived through 4 different kings in his time.  

Can you guess how many years there are from Daniel 1 to Daniel 10?
This is very important to our study in understanding the Book of Daniel in the context of these 4 reigning Kings.


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